PPR All Plastic Union, Pn25


Oinarrizko informazioa

  • Model NO.: 20mm-160mm

  • Egitura: bertikala

  • Material: PP-R

  • Color: Green,White,Grey

  • Transport Package: Carton

  • Origin: China

  • Connection: Welding

  • Flexible or Rigid: Rigid

  • Estandarra: estandarra

  • Trademark: Fametop

  • Zehaztapena: 20mm-160mm

  • HS Code: 39174000

Produktuaren Deskribapena

PPR fitting used for hot and cold water
Material: Hyosung R200p,Yanshan C4220

For more than 30 years, Polypropylene Random Copolymer (PP-R) has been applied successfully
for hot and cold water applications in countries worldwide. The combination of properties such
as resistance to internal pressure, flexibility and impact have made PP-R the material of choice for
iraupen luzeko instalazio seguruak eta fidagarriak. Ez da harritzekoa PP-R etengabe ordezkatu dela
traditional materials like copper and galvanized steel over the last decades.

Benefits of PP-R:
? Zerbitzu-bizitza ISO 15874 arauaren arabera egindako saioen arabera
? No contact corrosion when exposed to iron particles
? Taste and odor neutral
? Bacteriologically neutral
? Fast and easy installation
? Entire plastic systems available
? Good chemical resistance
? Low tendency to incrustation

PP-R hodien burdineria soldatzeko jarraibideak

1 Markatu kanalizazioa
Mark the pipe for depth of penetration into the heater bush and fitting (see table). The mark must remain visible under heating and joining. 

2 Heat pipe & fitting
Push the pipe and the fitting into the heating tools. Once pipe and fitting are hot (after the correct time), pull out pipe and fitting very slowly.

3 Joint pipe & fitting
Konektatu kanalizazioa egokitzea eta bultza kanalizazioa markara iritsi arte (kanpoan egon behar du).
During the jointing time the welded part of pipe and fitting must remain fix, without any rotation.
During the cooling time, the welded part of pipe and fitting can be adjusted until cold. 

4 Fusion inspection
Fusion inspection. The outer fusion seam must be inspected. The seam must be present all around the pipe.