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PPR Pipes Easy Construction And Long Service Life


PPR Pipes laying can be divided into the installation of equipment, dark equipment laying, overhead laying and laying and other laying methods. As the PPR Pipes by the environment and the impact of medium temperature changes, it is appropriate to use the dark, the construction should be with the construction, structure, electrical and other professional closely with each other, coordinate each other, do a good job reservation, burial work, and take appropriate protection Measures. The wall should be reserved for the pipeline, the pipeline laying a good pressure should be filled around the tube at least 20mm thick rock wool and other soft materials to prevent the condensation of the pipeline or due to temperature changes in the pipeline deformation and destruction of the wall. Dark pipe should be completed in the civil and decoration after the completion of the second system test pressure, ruled out due to civil or decorative damage caused by the pipeline, after acceptance can be put into use.

Indoor installation of PPR pipe, should be carried out after the completion of the civil decoration, with the installation of the soil before the correct hole or embedded casing. Pipeline through the floor should be set when the steel casing, casing specifications should be larger than the PPR diameter two, 50mm above the ground. PPR pipe wall should be set when the steel casing, both ends and the wall level.

PPR hodien jartzea. Erretenaren zuloa amaierako zulotik igarotakoan desegin behar da, lokatza eta objektu gogorrik ez egon beharko lukeenez, material gogorra badago zulotik 100 mm-ko lodiera duen harea kuxin batean ezarri behar da. hoditeria amaitu ondoren. Metalezko hodien burdineriako hodien estalkien artean, hodien burdineria korrosioaren aurkako tratamendua egin behar da. Kanalizazioaren erruleen arabera, GB50242-2002 ur presioko proba estandarraren arabera egin behar da, betetzeko aurretik sailkatua. Hodiak betetzeko, kanalizazioaren bi aldeetako kanalizazioa eta harea erabiltzeko moduko 200mm-ko goiko aldean, eta lurzoruaren 12 mm baino gutxiagoko diametroa ez dauka objektu gogorrak betetzeko, astiro-astiro eta 30 mm-ko diametro goian. Lurzoruaren atalasea.

Such as easy to find and repair the pipeline, with the PPR Pipes at the same time laying a pipe with anti-corrosion wire (available rubber metal wire), so that after the metal pipe detector to facilitate the use of metal pipe detector to determine the location of PPR pipe, easy maintenance. Buried laying PPR pipes should be below the depth of the local permafrost. Through the road or structure, should be added steel casing, casing length or width of the structure plus 1m, casing diameter should be larger than the PPR pipe diameter two.

PPR pipe has a lot of metal pipes do not have the characteristics, it is corrosion-resistant, non-scaling, smooth pipe wall, effectively prevent the water in the pipeline in the secondary pollution, and beautiful. Construction convenience, speed up the construction speed. PPR Pipes long life, can reach five times the life of galvanized pipe, basically up to the maintenance-free, greatly reducing the maintenance of operating costs. Therefore, PPR pipe in the future water supply project will be more widely used.

PPR kanalen instalazioetarako, ezin gara hain profesionala izan, baina ulertzeko oinarrizko soldadurako pausoak hobeto egiaztatu dezakegu uraren hodiak arauekin bat datozen instalazioa egiaztatzeko, uraren hodien erabilera segurua bermatzeko.

1, the surface of the pipe and joints to ensure clean, smooth, no oil.

2, need to mark in the pipeline to try to insert. (Equal to the fitting depth of the joint).

3, the entire embedded to carry out the depth of heating, including pipes and joints, are carried out in the welding tool.

4, to complete the heating time, the pipeline smoothly and evenly pushed into the joints, so that their combination of solid and perfect.

5, in the pipe joint welding within a few seconds, you can adjust the connector position.

6, denbora laburrean, konektorea kargarekin egon daiteke.

7, with a self-adjusting hot-melt welding machine to pipe and pipe welded together, the temperature is 260 ° C.

8, potentziarekin konektatutako makina (220v) eta une batez itxaron, soldadura tenperatura iritsi den argi berdea keinuka hasten denean.

9, because the material is light, flexible, all welding can be carried out on the table, this advantage can save man-hours.

10, sometimes in the wall to make some connections, we should pay attention to the joint location in the operating space, you can operate. If the ambient temperature is below 5 ° C, the heating time is increased by 50%.